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Rep That New Independence by Starting Your Own Holiday Tradition This Year


One of the coolest things about going off to college is unlocking that next-level independence. Keep scrolling to see a few ideas on how you can start your own holiday tradition from your HERE Reno apartment

Gift Bags for Neighbors

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift during the holidays? A super fun way to keep your social life up and start a new holiday tradition is by treating your neighbors to a holiday goody gift bag. Add a few staples to it, like inexpensive stocking stuffers and some sweets, and then hang it on their doorknob or set it on their doorstep. You can make it anonymous or say hi with a note inside the bag. You decide – it’s your tradition!

Winter Dinner Party

Pick a theme, like small-bites only or potluck, and then invite your friends, roommates, and neighbors. It’s as simple as planning out the food and drinks for however many people you invite, compiling a killer playlist, and prepping for a good time. You’ll be known as the year-after-year host with the most

An Experience in the City

Pick a fun, easy activity that would make a great annual winter tradition, no matter where you land after college. Whether that’s taste testing all the different hot cocoa options in the city or taking pictures dressed in ugly sweaters with friends in the park, there are endless options. Just pick something fun and aim to stick with it year after year!

Cheers to Winter 2021-22 Traditions

No matter how you want to spend the holidays in Reno, there’s no better place to be for winter 2021-22! And if you’re looking for other festive ideas this holiday season and beyond, check out our other blog posts.


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