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Start Your College Years on the Right Foot: How To Prepare for the Next Chapter in Life

Few chapters in life are as full of opportunity as your college years. This is the first time you have the absolute freedom to express who you are, define your future trajectory, and take control of your life. The boundless possibilities can be overwhelming, so we at HERE Reno are here to help you start your college years right.

Get the Lay of the Land

The easiest way to get your bearings is to get out there and survey the land yourself. Get to know the University of Reno in person from every angle. Here are some ways to familiarize yourself with the campus.

Walking the campus might be a no-brainer, but do it with the idea of exploring and mapping everything out. Auditoriums, stadiums, and even halls are essential resources for finding out what’s happening in circles you might not usually be a part of. If you’re a science major, duck into the University Arts Building – or vice versa – and check out the different departments’ bulletin boards.

Meet Your Professors

Professors want to know that their students are invested, so introduce yourself within the first week. If you’re nervous, don’t be. They’ll appreciate your initiative if you follow these tips for introducing yourself to professors:

  • Comment on something you enjoyed about the most recent lecture.
  • Ask a question about the current lecture or chapter.
  • Ask for tips to help you succeed in the course (if they haven’t already mentioned them during the lecture).
  • Keep it brief.

Worried About Focusing?

Obviously, your academics are of paramount concern. Start the semester off on the right foot by remembering these study tips:

  • Write down your goals.
  • Get cozy in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.
  • Organize a schedule and keep a calendar of events.
  • Choose proactivity over procrastination.

One of the main ways to ensure success is to have clear goals. Goals can be both personal and academic and should address how your actions and habits affect their outcome. A good mantra is “productivity over procrastination.” If you know you’ll have plenty of time to accomplish something, prove it to yourself by completing tasks first – then reap the rewards. And make sure you set specific blocks of time to get your work done.

Get Connected

This is the beginning, not a continuation. Bring the best of you along, and be open to discovering all that your college years have to offer. Don’t close any doors. Network with everyone and keep your options open, because one thing might lead to the next best thing. Here are some helpful college networking tips:

  • Get an on-campus job.
  • Join a club.
  • Don’t go home every weekend!
  • Go to events.
  • Respect and appreciate differences.
  • Chill with your roommates.

Student life is jam-packed with opportunities and events – you’d be hard pressed to find a weekend with nothing going on. Check out the annual Biggest Little Festival this year!

HERE Reno provides an upscale student atmosphere that’s perfect for mingling. We strive to make student life what it should be, so dig into our blogs.


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